Eternity Media Group was founded by Mr. Donald H. Pugh Sr. Mr. Pugh is an
experienced businessman and entrepreneur who has led multiple businesses to
produce on a multi-million dollar thriving record company, Eternity Records.
While being a consistent force and successfully producing and representing
award winning artists, he still wanted to do more in the broadcasting industry.
His dream was to be able to provide an avenue for musicians
to be heard and give local artists an opportunity to have musical
exposure in their local markets.
To cater to his interest in radio and media, Mr. Pugh began to research the industry
by attending different training sessions, seminars and events worldwide, enhancing
his knowledge and simultaneously producing movies and videos. With a keen knowledge
and ample experience with profitable business investments, he saw the need to open
radio stations throughout the southeastern United States.
In 2013, his dream became a reality. Eternity Broadcasting was formed.
Two years later in 2015, Eternity Broadcasting incurred a name change to Eternity Media Group.
Headquartered in Laurel, Mississippi, Eternity Media Group has opened 9 radio stations in
various markets and will expand into 5 new markets within the next 24 months. Spiritually based,
Eternity Media Group will be a force in the broadcasting industry
for years to come.