Ian Connor Shows Tommie Lee Support While She’s In Jail

Ian Connor Shows Tommie Lee Support While She’s In Jail

Tommie Lee is finding solace in the lap of her accused rapist bae? Just days after “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta” star Atasha “Tommie” Jefferson was popped TWICE in 24 hours for allegedly assaulting her own seed, she’s getting caressed by her special friend Ian Connor. The 25-year-old fashion stylist posted up this photo with Tommie on IG. The two seem to be in NYC getting their portraits drawn by a street artist. Tommie and her super thick cakes are sitting comfortably on top of Ian’s puny lap in the flick.

We’re not sure if this photo was snapped the same day it was posted, but Ian is definitely showing solidarity for his accused child abuser girlfriend Tommie.

What word would you use to describe their couple-dom? Here’s another video that exemplifies Ian and Tommie strange love…

Last we reported, Tommie was being held without bail until a November 6th court appearance…we’re pretty sure that hasn’t changed.

According to TMZ, Tommie posted a $27k bond after he initial arrest and was released last Wednesday morning at 4:40 AM — but she was also slapped with a court order to stay away from the daughter. Apparently, she just couldn’t stick with that program. She violated the order by making contact with her daughter within 3 hours of getting out of jail.