Here’s What Happened When Beyonce Spoke On Her Fluffy Post-Carter Twins Tummy

Beyoncé Speaks On Body Positivity With VOGUE

Beyoncé knows you think she’s pregnant, and she’s got a message for you. As previously reported King Bey is covering VOGUE for an iconic issue with a detailed first-person interview about having an emergency C-section with Sir and Rumi, toxic relationships, and representation.

In one part in particular, however, she talked about accepting her body after giving birth to the twins. In that quote, she mentions having a “mommy pouch” and a “FUPA” that she’s in no rush to get rid of, which would explain the constant speculation that she’s pregnant.

The BeyHive is now STANNING over Beyonce’s body positive message and her use of the word FUPA altogether. In case you didn’t know, FUPA stands for “fat upper p**y area.”

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