Newly Wedded Stevie J’s Alleged Baby Mama Blasts Him For Allegedly Cheating With Women And Men

This is taking an awkward turn…

Yesterday we reported that Stevie J. and Faith Evans jumped the broom in Vegas. Welp, what we are finding out today, is that Stevie J. is tied to ANOTHER woman who was allegedly present in Vegas when it all went down– and she’s fuming.

This young lady, who goes by @thebossputa_ on IG. is claiming she is pregnant with Stevie J’s baby and says he keeps denying it’s his seed. The 20-year-old posted photos of herself in Stevie’s house and also photos of him in bed to prove she’s telling the truth. She also cliams she was in Vegas yesterday, the same day Stevie’s wedding went down, but he refused to see her. Now, she’s telling Faith to watch her back, because Stevie like to dibble and dabble outside of his relationships with different men and women…

Hit the flip for more messages from the angry young lady. She reveals she was there in Vegas when Faith and Stevie tied the knot and more!

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