Failure Is A Choice: Beyonce And That Guy’s Album DESTROYED Kanye, Kim K And Nas’ Lives While Twitter Had Zero Remorse

The Victims Of The Beyonce And Jay Album

Beyonce and Jay-Z have broken the internet once again. Their surprise album has crushed all the e-buildings. Jay and Bey certainly talked their sh** the whole album, too. They directed a few of their bullets at one Kanye West. Meanwhile, they shut down any and all buzz for Nas’ album that dropped on Friday, too. Then, of course, is Kim Kardashian, who is always catching strays from Jayonce and Twitter. Those three knew amigos got roasted all weekend for their whole press runs getting sabotaged by the King and Queen of petty.

Beyonce even played along, favoriting this petty tweet. Ooohhhh spicy. That’s not it. Take a look at the way Beyonce and Jay ruined Kanye, Kim and Nas’ lives

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